About Us

We have a vast knowledge in Video-surveillance systems, Security and Intelligence, in designing  and implements customer oriented solutions which ensure a total control in multiple areas of application. The possibility of finding the satisfaction of all requirements in a single subject is a guarantee. 

  • Video-surveillance systems also with behavioral analysis
  • Automatic Control Systems for vehicles (number plate and body control)
  • Access Control Systems with biometric data and voice recognition
  • Information System for counterfeit document recognition
  • Encrypted data and voice transmission system
  • Fleet management Systems with radio-location on encrypted networks by global scale maps
  • EOD Systems (robot, environment clearance systems, jammers)
  • Mobile and fixed surveillance systems (night goggles, thermal-cameras, etc.) even integrated with systems for the audio-video management (example Cases with DSS technology)
  • Detection Systems for Drugs, explosives, and more to control packages, persons, vehicles and cargoes by X-ray and molecular systems either by touch or at distance
  • Preparation of special vehicles
  • Products for Armed Forces and Police Forces (bulletproof jackets, special ammunitions, etc.)
  • Interception and Intelligence products dedicated to the Armed Forces and Police
  • Training course exclusively for the Armed Forces and Police on environmental clearance systems (knowledge of substances and explosive devices and related security measures)