• GPS Anti-tracking Unit 641
  • Transmits countermeasure at 1575.42MHz (L1)
  • Disables standard GPS location units
  • Spectrally matched to L1 C/A satellite signals.
  • Two Power settings
  • Self calibrating oscillator
  • Long battery life
  • Small size for covert operation
Product description
The 641 is designed to counter the every growing use of tracking devices which use the GPS system to obtain a positional fix.
The unit can be covertly carried allowing personnel to ensure that the position of a meeting cannot be relayed to interested third parties. Primary use is for covert Government and Police operations.
The 641 can also be used to counter the use of vehicle tracking systems. Such tracking systems either use mobile phone technology to relay real time information or are positional logging systems which regularly store positional information which can be accessed remotely  usually by Bluetooth technology. The 641 can be placed in a variety of vehicles, or carried by personnel being transported to counter the ability to track the vehicle by any device which uses GPS location technology.
If the user which to ensure that the 641 signal is reaching all the relevant parts of the vehicle, we can provide a GPS detection device, the 189,  which can identify the presence of and source of a  GPS jamming signal.

Features / Options
The  641  has  been  specifically  designed  to  facilitate  a  variety  of  options should they be required.
The unit  can  be enhanced to  attack  the  high speed L1  signal  which  transmitted  along  with  the  slower  C/A  signal  and  carries  the  higher  precision  PY  code  information.
Another  variation  relates  to  the  distruction  of  the  operational code. This could be implemented if  the  unit  was to be deployed in sensitive geographical areas and  disables the unit if used by an unauthorised user.

Please contact us for more information on these and  other options.

Transmit Information

    - Frequency: 1575.42MHz (. 2.5ppm)

    - Spectrum: Sidebands at fc. 333kHz (-6dBrc)

                                    (>50dBrc beyond fc.1.3MHz)

    The signal is centred on the L1 frequency and with a waveform specifically  designed to confuse / corrupt a wide range of GPS receivers.

    LED indications
    The LED indicator will flash GREEN to indicate that the unit is active and  RED when the internal batteries are low and need replacing.

    The 3 position switch allows the user to switch the unit ON and OFF and  also to select the desired transmit power level.




    LOS Range


    Unit OFF




    On - Low Power

    160yW (-8dBm)

    50 metres


    On - High Power

    2.5mW (+4dBm)

    >200 metres

    Battery life
    Low power : better than 20 hours
    High power: approx. 10 hours
    The Low battery LED indicates that the cells should be replaced.

    Range for normal operation: -20C to +70C

    Case: 85 x 46 x 16mm.  
    Weight: 50 grams (including batteries).
    Battery: 2 x ‘N’ cells (LR1) – alkaline or rechargable NiMH.

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    GPS Anti-tracking Unit 641

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