• Eliminate admin rights, achieve least privilege
  • Whitelist trusted apps and block malware
  • Insight and analysis to make informed decisions

Prevent breaches without hindering productivity. ProtectApp combines best-in-class privilege management and application control, making admin rights removal simple and scalable across desktops and servers to ensure security and compliance. 

 How does it work? 

This innovative solution combines privilege management and application control technology in a single lightweight agent, allowing organizations to eliminate admin rights across Windows and Mac machines, and even the data center – all while balancing security and usability to ensure the user experience is never compromised. 

Privilege management 

ProtectApp privilege management allows you to grant privileges to individual applications, tasks, and scripts – but never to users. Ensure a positive user experience with customized messages, seamless elevation, and flexible prompts. 

Application control 

ProtectApp application control is essential to malware prevention. Set rules based on trusted application types, automatically stopping unapproved applications, blocking malware, and managing unknown applications via dynamic exception handling. 

Enterprise reporting 

With ProtectApp’s enterprise reporting solution, you can easily identify privileged users and activity to keep admin rights to a minimum. Graphical dashboards and reports with drill-down options provide fast access to as much detail as you need. 

Benefits to your organisation 

Overnight setup: best time-to-value on the market 

Unlike traditional privilege management products that can take months to properly configure, ProtectApp’s innovative Quick Start policy gets you up and running in mere hours. We’ve leveraged years of deployment scenarios to create out-of-the-box workstyles meant to cover the vast majority of enterprise users and significantly reduce implementation efforts. No other product can offer this level of convenience, flexibility, and speed during deployment. 

Secure: first stop in a best-practice strategy 

Security experts and IT safety standards groups agree that removing local admin rights and whitelisting safe applications are among the first steps that organizations must take in order to ensure security best practices. With trust profiles that contain more than two dozen validation criteria, ProtectApp elevates applications securely and flexibly while offering the most comprehensive set of exception handling features on the market. 

Frictionless: friendly to users and IT staff alike 

ProtectApp is best-of-breed privilege management and application control that’s powerful and flexible enough for even the most demanding IT teams while being nearly invisible to end users. Users are both empowered to work without being slowed down and protected from today’s nastiest threats, all while exponentially reducing help-desk support calls. 

Scalable: seamlessly grows as business grows 

Despite offering unmatched features and functionality, ProtectApp starts simple and stays simple whether managing one user or a million users. Our firewall-style rules engine allows unlimited layering of multiple workstyles to adhere to the business and security requirements of each department within an organization, and scales elegantly as businesses grow. 

Configure and Integrate: Extend privilege management across your enterprise 

Easily extend Defendpoint’s powerful privilege management and application control capabilities to meet the specific business requirements of your organization or to integrate into other key technologies in your environment. With PowerRules, you can configure the Defendpoint client to suit your unique workflows and user experience requirements, and integrate Defendpoint to with other systems to create a more secure and intelligent IT infrastructure. Build our own integrations or take advantage of the ProtectApp Technology Partner Network, a library of pre-built and supported integrations with leading technologies across critical security categories, such as SIEM, PAM, multi-factor authentication and application reputation. 

Business benefits 

Achieve compliance 

Many compliance mandates recommend the removal of excess privileges and application whitelisting as best-practice strategies for desktop and server security. ProtectApp meets least privilege and access management guidelines by removing privileges and whitelisting trusted applications across all endpoints – even in the data center – while trend reporting and analysis demonstrates compliance with NIST, DFARS, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and many more. 

Prevent attacks 

With ProtectApp, it’s easy to remove admin rights from all users – even system administrators in the data center – and assign privileges to the applications, tasks, and scripts they need instead. Ensuring that all employees have just the right level of access to perform their job functions creates a highly secure environment to mitigate accidental or deliberate insider threats. And removing local admin rights prevents external attacks since the vast majority of them leverage elevated user privileges in order to execute malware and move laterally across networks. 

Operate efficiently 

ProtectApp provides the tools needed to manage an environment without admin rights. A focus on the end-user experience drastically reduces help-desk tickets and IT overhead. Out-of-the-box implementation with the pre-defined Quick Start policy makes security achievable overnight, while a single lightweight agent that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure makes maintenance simple. 

Management options 

McAfee ePO edition 

ProtectApp is an accredited McAfee SIA partner for certified integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). You’ll also benefit from informed policy changes thanks to McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and Data Exchange Layer (TIE/DXL) integration. 

Microsoft Group Policy edition 

ProtectApp for Windows deploys into your existing Microsoft enterprise technology to align with your change control processes for endpoint configuration. Deliver policy based on Active Directory groups, and enjoy extensive auditing and reporting. 

ProtectApp iC3 cloud edition 

ProtectApp’s own platform provides scalable cloud-based Defendpoint management for Windows and Mac. Adjust capacity as needed and maintain contact with your endpoints wherever they’re deployed. 

Supported platforms 

Windows 7 and later (32-bit and 64-bit) 

Windows Server 2008 R2 and later

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