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With the Portable WiFi Solar Kit, communicate via the internet no matter where you are. This case includes a powerful 4G / LTE router with two SIM card slots available and a large battery capacity to keep the connection as long as possible but also to charge your devices thanks to the different connectors available.

The router contained in the case gives you incredible performance in terms of speed and reliability. The 2 SIM cards in the router allow you to connect to two different networks depending on the availability of each one. However, if a network is not available, the router will automatically switch the connection to the other network. It is also possible to configure features such as VPN setup or Network Load Balancing between the two SIM cards. Using 4G / LTE SIM cards allows you to enjoy a higher connection speed than a conventional ADSL Internet connection and enjoy up to 200GB of internet. The 4 high gain antennas located on the side of the case give you the ability to capture and redistribute the best possible internet signal.

Solar panels allow you to charge the case wherever you are. You will find on the case a small LCD display showing the remaining voltage of the battery, this informs you if it’s necessary to charge it. A lot of different connectors are available (see figure on second page) to charge your devices such as your smartphone, tablet, laptops or other devices.

Obviously, we include our GPS tracking technology in each case, allowing you to track the movements of this one from the GPS tracking panel.


1 - Solar Panels (50W 18V Monocrystalline)

2 - 3W LED Bulb with SOS feature

3 - 3W LED On/O_ switch

4 - Solar panel connector

5 - LCD screen

6 - Hinge guard

7 - Master switch

8 - Waterproof safety door

9 - Charging & Discharging interface

10 - Weatherproof rugged construction

Inverter inside: 350W AC100V-240V Pure sine wave

Battery inside: 12V 48A Lithium polymer

A - AC 120V Output

B - DC 12V Car socket

C - AC 120V Input


E - DC 12V Output (5.5x2.1mm)

F - DC 12V Output (5.5x2.1mm)

G - DC 12V~23V Input

H - DC On/Off

I - AC On/Off

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Portable WiFi Solar Kit

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