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Integrated check-point security solutions

Passive standoff concealed object detection system, RX Scan control VAN, Jammers

Detect explosives at distance

Intelligent video content analysis - Explosive substance identified from distance

Ballistic Coating For Glass

Bullet Resistant, Implosition Resistant and Splinter Resistant (Pellicola).

Explosive Detection Devices

Exclusive technologies enable “instant” identification of microscopic traces of today’s most widely used explosive materials.

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Military Equipment

Situation Awareness and Operational Planning for the front-line soldier.

Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass is designed to provide transparent and lightweight protection for military armored personal carriers (APC), light armored vehicles (LAV) and executive armored vehicles (EAV).


Surveillance Audio/Video Recording Systems with Store & Forward Capabilities.

Training Systems

Explosion Simulation Devices... when Realistic Training is required.

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